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lucigo about us

In the heart of our brand's story lies a beautiful fusion, a merging of two cherished names: Lucila and Gonzalo. Their names, have come together to create something truly extraordinary: family unity, hard work, and an unyielding commitment to a family of eight.

Our tale doesn't start here, though. It began with Zaari Joyas and Arthur Factory, where five of the eight siblings dedicated over four decades of their lives to crafting exceptional jewelry. These pioneers blazed a trail for us, the new generation, to follow. In the year 2023, the torch was passed to us, the third generation, and we set out to carry this legacy forward. Our journey led us to three distinct markets: Colombia, Chile, and the USA.
LUCIGO Jewelry, symbolizes the very essence of family unity. It's a testament to what can be achieved through collective effort and shared purpose. Our family's dedication has brought us remarkable success, but it's not just about the jewelry we create. It's about the bond that unites us, generation after generation.
To us, LUCIGO Jewelry represents the deep connection of kinship. It's a guiding light, leading us toward a common goal. It illustrates the incredible potential that surfaces when generations join forces to create not only exquisite adornments but also a legacy of unity and unwavering dedication. Just as the names of our beloved grandparents merged to form our brand's identity, their spirit continues to inspire our journey.
In our story, family is not just a part of the equation; it's the very foundation of our success. And as we continue to create, innovate, and craft, we carry with us the enduring legacy of Lucila and Gonzalo, two names forever entwined in the story of LUCIGO Jewelry.