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Teddy Bear Necklace in Sterling Silver multicolor

Teddy Bear Necklace in Sterling Silver multicolor

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Our premium collection of 925 sterling silver bear necklaces is a masterpiece of Colombian jewelry that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with the enduring beauty of nature, perfect for being a meaningful gift.

🌞 Eternal Radiance:

Each bear necklace in this collection features a radiant rhodium finish, ensuring it continues to shine with splendor, symbolizing the eternal beauty of nature. They won't tarnish, so your cherished moments connected to nature will always shine brightly.


Whether you're exploring nature or caught in unexpected rain, this waterproof bear necklace will be your nature connection and the tenderness it represents. They remain as charming as ever, even after facing the elements. Feel free to wear them as a symbol of your love in any weather.

❤️ More Than Jewelry:

Beyond being beautifully crafted silver necklaces, they represent a deep connection with nature, love for life, and cherished moments you want to symbolize and carry with you at all times. Whether it's a gift for a nature lover, a dear friend, or a family member you always want to embrace, they encapsulate your appreciation for the wonders of the world.

⚡️ Subtle Elegance:

Achieve that perfect balance between understated and striking with this bear necklace. Its delicate design invites admiration while remaining true to your unique style and your love for nature.

🕶 Gentle on your Skin:

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these hypoallergenic silver chains not only embody style but also ensure comfort. Wear them with confidence, knowing they are designed to be gentle on your skin.

Let's Talk Specifications:

To provide you with the details, each bear necklace in this collection measures approximately 0.52 inch or 1.3 cm, in length on a 45 cm women's silver chain, making them elegant and versatile pieces to adorn your jewelry. They feature exquisite cubic zirconia stones for extra sparkle and are made of 925 Silver with a protective Rhodium coating, ensuring lasting beauty and resistance to tarnishing.

At Lucigo, we take pride in creating each piece with meticulous attention to detail. From design and modeling to casting, filing, and polishing, your silver bear pendants are handmade with love and devotion to nature and Colombian jewelry.

Ready to make these pendant yours? It's as friendly as a walk in the forest! Just select this beautiful bear necklace, add it to your cart, and proceed to payment. We're excited to see the connection with that bear hug you'll create! 🌿

When you place your order, you can expect your pendants to arrive within 3 to 7 business days if you're in U.S.A. Need them to arrive faster? Contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 😊📦

Worried about keeping your beloved silver necklace looking as charming as the day you received them?

Don't worry! Here's a quick guide:

Gentle Cleaning:

A soft, lint-free cloth is perfect for gently wiping away any imperfections, ensuring your pendants maintain their natural shine.

Avoid Harsh Substances:

While they are resilient, let's be cautious and keep the pendants away from strong chemicals, and apply your favorite perfume before wearing your silver necklace. Preserving their natural beauty is our priority.

Secure Storage:

When they're not adorning your jewelry, store the necklaces in a jewelry box or a pouch, keeping them safe and free from scratches until their next encounter with eternal love.


They're waterproof, so whether you're exploring a stream or caught in light rain, your pendants will remain symbols of your special connection. Just dry them afterward.

Occasional Check:

From time to time, check the clasp to ensure it's secure, maintaining the connection between your heart and your love.

Following these steps, your bear pendant will continue to be a cherished symbol of your love that you always want to embrace, drawing attention and representing all the meaning you give it. 📿✨

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